Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ageless Beauty

Last night we took Petey* to his first rock show. We saw Stars at the Marquee. It had been a pretty social weekend, with two Halloween parties on Friday and a Wardroom birthday party at King's earlier that evening.

So being slightly partied out and, hey, pregnant, we hung out way in the back at a table.

We wondered what Petey might think of it all--how did those gut-rumbling bass notes sound and feel in his little pool? He has functioning ears, according to the various sites and books we've been reading.
We didn't get any definitive reaction from Petey. We had a good night though, even if we were out past our bedtimes for the second straight night. The band seemed to hit all our favourite songs from each album including Ageless Beauty right near the middle of the set.
At this stage I sometimes jokingly think of Petey as being, say, -6 months old. But maybe Petey's just ageless, and certainly beautiful.

That's us in our costumes up there. I was an octopus and Rhia the deep ocean. This particular pic (by Jen Laurette) doesn't show them off very well, but I think we look pretty darn good.

*A note on terminology: "Petey" is a long-running in-joke in our household. A name for the goat, budgie, platypus, etc. we have in an imaginary menagerie. (Don't let Rhia know I told you this, but it's after Peter Mansbridge, her newsman crush.) So, it's kind of like the Warner Brothers' monster (a la Steinbeck) who says, "I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George." In thes early weeks of pregnancy, whatever's swimming around in there has seemed pretty imaginary, so it's become Petey too. We often refer to Petey as a "he" but that doesn't mean anything. We don't know and we have no preference. Just shorthand.


Hello Pineapples! said...

I once saw a documentary that was looking at whether babies have memories from the womb. While there really wasn't any conclusive proof that they do, they did show that babies whose mom's went to rock concerts while preggers preferred rock music to soft soothing music. My totally unscientific conclusion is that you can influence the music your baby will like. So put on Weezer's blue album and some headphones on yer belly!


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