Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Preggo update!

Petey is a big kicker/wiggler/roller! It is usually very reassuring, but when he starts playing volleyball on my belly button, or pretending my cervix is a soccer ball he's dribbling, it can get a little old. His favourite time to go at it is also typically when I am in meetings or having important conversations. Also bedtime. Sometimes he also stretches really hard, and that... that is not comfortable.

Additionally! My belly button is observably shallower, which is kind of cool, but also bizarre, because my uterus just barely comes up that far.

Uh, signs and symptoms... hm... some pulling and discomfort in hip-butt-stomach region, nothing serious, this tendancy to see stars if I stand up too fast after picking something up off the ground, occasional mild heartburn (nothing like when I was, what, 16 weeks? I think my stomach must have been pinched then or something), generally I feel pretty damned good.

I am even sleeping better, for the most part, without benefit of wedge-pillow (which never materialized) or snoogle-thing. If I go to bed feeling like I am sort-of, maybe, hungry then I will regret it, though, as it will translate into uneasy sleep and cereal at 4 a.m., most times. I am not consistently more hungry than I used to be... I mean, when I am hungry, I am HUNGRY and must eat RIGHT NOW (I always have a granola bar. Unless I have just eaten it.) but I can't say I'm consistently getting the extra food I am supposed to need. Then again, it's not like I'm keeping track.

Doctor's office this afternoon (should have been last Friday, but she rescheduled me) and we'll see if I'm 23 weeks on Friday or was 23 weeks last Saturday... The ultrasound date matches my conception date (I am pretty darned certain about it) and so maybe we'll revise it up. No more than that, though, Petey! I need to finish next semester! My appointment is at 2 and I am trying to decide whether to come back to work or take the rest of the afternoon as vacation... there's a holiday social, but if she's behind, it could be 3 before I'm back. Is it worth it for 1.5 hours, or should I just go home, run errands and bake?

Clothes are a little frustrating - I like my shape, but I am finding it hard to dress my shape. I do not want to acquire an entire new winter wardrobe, but I think most of my warmer sweaters are going to get too short pretty soon. This is mostly only a problem if I get to a point where even my bigger coat won't button. I am pretty warm these days anyway. I suppose all of this is just a good excuse to go Boxing Day shopping... How handy that the 27th is a Saturday... (Stores in NS are closed on actual Boxing Day.)

Ok... that's all I got.



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