Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Showers Bring April Babies?

Alternate Title: A Heartwarming Shower of Staggering Genius

This past Sunday, a delightful panel of lovely ladies code-named Mum, J-Lau, and L-A were sweet enough to throw me the most lovely shower.

They really outdid themselves. Mum put together an amazing spread with meatballs and dips and fruit and delicious quiches. She blew up some 50 balloons, made roses from baby washcloths and diapers of regular ones, and had ribbon streamers everywhere. The food was enjoyed by all - many compliments to the chef are still arriving!

The girls planned a suite of games that people seemed to enjoy - we matched up baby animals, thought up creative names, and everyone else played bingo while I opened gift after lovely gift.

John's Mom even joined us by phone for a brief while - we'd tried to arrange for a video link, but time differences and technology made it a challenge. With magical mother's intuition, she called just seconds after I'd been passed the gift she mailed.

Petey made out like a bandit, with shoes, and clothes and toys galore, baby care gear like thermometers and toothbrushes, sheets for his bed, a carseat, a nursing pillow, a moses basket, a bumbo, a crib mattress, the whole shebang! He got some books too, and lots and lots of aquatically themed things for his collection. His Aunty Sarah had even crocheted him a lovely soft blanket.

It was quite a challenge to get it all squared away! The little man will definitely be reminded how lucky and loved he is on a very frequent basis.

His room is now pretty much complete, and we'll point you to a suite of photos once we've finished the last few touches.

I guess everyone is ready to meet him any time now - but after Friday is better, we'd all like him to hang on for 37 weeks! (except me, when in the midst of false labour, but that's something else entirely.)

So in short, thank you again to everyone who came out to the shower and spoiled us in so many ways. You are all beautiful and we feel incredibly loved.

Some pictures are on Flickr - here



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