Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Word List

A lot of these words are only discernibly different in context. You'd be surprised how quickly you learn to hear the minute differences. These are roughly in the order that we are certain that he is definitely associating a sound with something.

dog (doh!)
cat (tattat!)
meow (wa-ow) (he was meowing at the picture of the cat on the bag of cat treats this afternoon)
woof (uff)
bottle (baba)
sheep (ba-ba)
what's that? (dat?)
door (doh-oh)
ball (boohhh)
book (bah/buh)
banana (nanana)
toes (dohs!)
ta (thank you - or really more like I am handing this to you please hand it back now)
milk (mum)
baby (ba)
cup (bap/bop)
all done (aa duh, duh, aaa)
go (doh!)
eye (possibly this is still just hi)
down (doh)
more (mo) (very seldom says)
apple? (bub-bub)
yogurt? (oh-oo)

Other sounds that mean something:
bleaah! (John taught him this when he was eating stuff off the carpet and now he does it to be funny)
Mem (I do not know what this means, but he says it with great conviction.)

He is also big on mimicking sounds / words when we say them, though he won't necessarily remember these for the next time.

Other big things of late, walking, running, climbing the stairs, trying to climb into the bath, climbing over people on the floor, holding the phone to his ear and saying "hi! hi!", throwing food out of the high chair, hiding remotes, nearly turning ONE oh my goodness!

A big real post will have to commemorate that - promise!



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