Friday, February 20, 2009

Still within!

We had a bit of alarm with some Braxton-Hicks gone wild on Tuesday, which resulted in spending 7 hours at the IWK over a 24-hour period. But everything looks just dandy in the end, so it was probably just my body's message that it would appreciate a bit of a slowdown in the daily activities.

And hey, we got this picture out of the deal!

Plus the doctor let the news slip about the boy parts between the legs. Nice!


Anonymous said...

I can see a grownup's face in that photo! Also, yay! It's a boy!

Hello Pineapples! said...

ooh! I'm two for three (or something like that) on my guesses for the baby pool! (I know there isn't a prize...I'm just being competitive).

Girls get cuter outfits, but hooray! boy! (really, it'd be hooray! either way).

Anonymous said...

i think i've seen the face of god. shroud of gerkins.


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