Thursday, February 5, 2009

Unhappy week.

By now, many of you have probably heard about the layoffs at the Chronicle Herald. John hasn't been laid off, but nothing is for certain yet. Regardless, many of our good friends have been laid off. So it's a little sad around here these days.

Then there's the pregnancy news...

Last Thursday, I did the routine blood sugar screening they do on pregnant ladies around here.
I did not 'pass'. On Monday, I went back to do a two-hour test, one that required fasting beforehand.

To be considered diabetic, I'd need to be over two of three of the tests on the fasting glucose test. For the fasting state you need to be under 5.3, and I was 4.3. For the draw after one hour, you need to be under 10-someting and I was 11-something. For the two-hour you have to be under 8.9 and I was back at 8.2.

I flunked the non-fasting by a fair few points too.

To me, it seems to indicate mostly that my body doesn't deal that well with serious sugar consumption. Which I could have told them. Which is why I usually don't eat many sweets because my body doesn't like it. Anyway, I'd rather have salty snacks most of the time anyway.

What this means...

I do not have to do any insulin stuff. Thank goodness. But I do have to eat a diabetic diet which means no:

candy, sugar, honey, syrup, ice cream, sweet fruits, etc. etc. etc.

Until after the baby, at least.

It also means I have to do the fasting test again in March.

It also means they're going to be monitoring me for type 2 diabetes later.

Which is patently unfair. Not that these things operate on a fairness scale, but I really tend towards a balanced diet and eat well and don't scarf candy and...

Anyway. I'm not showing any other symptoms like weight gain or thirst or anything so it's probably just a factor of their stupid test.

But too much sugar to the baby causes a whole raft of things. Not diabetes, just like... fatness, and premature deterioration of the placenta.

So joy.

This week is pretty much fired.



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